This guide will help you remove and reinstall 360Share Pro and Java.

Please make sure you have ‘administrator rights’ on your computer before proceeding.

Step 1A

Press and hold the “CTRL” and “ALT” keys. Then press the “Delete” key.

In Windows Task Manager, click on the “Processes” tab and if there is a “java.exe”, select it, and click “End Process” button. If you do not see “java.exe” in the list you may close the window and go on to step 3.

Step 1B

1- Go to Menu

2- Then

3- Then

You will see this window; click on 360Share Pro and any Java or J2SE, and select to uninstall these applications

*You should remove ALL Java(s) or J2SE(s)

*If a message appears similar to "cannot delete, the file may be in use/might be used by other processes." Then you need to close 360Share Pro completely... *Go to the bottom right corner of your computer near the clock/time and find the little smiley face....


Step 2
Locate your "My Computer" icon on your desktop (or inside the Menu ). Double click on it.



Step 3
Double click on Local Disk (C:) or Hard Disk (C:) or HP(C:) or Compact(C:) or OS(C:)



Step 4
Double click on “Program Files”.



Step 5
If you have any 360Share Pro and/or Java Folders, delete them by right-clicking on them and choosing ‘Delete’.

*If it says something similar to "cannot delete, may be in use." then you need to restart the computer and go back to Step 1


Step 6

a) Go one step "back" click on

And go to "Documents And Settings"

b) Double-click on yourname or Administrator or Owner...

c) If you have anything that says .360Share/.360Share Pro, .Limewire or .eTomi Pro, right-click on them and choose “Delete”.

*This will not affect your Saved Files.*

d) Open the folder “Application Data”. If you cannot see this folder, please go to the top menu and click on Tools – Folder Options, click on the tab View and select “Show hidden files and folders”. Then click Apply and OK and the folder should become visible.

If you have in “Application Data” anything that says Limewire , 360Share, 360Share Pro, or eTomi Pro, right-click on them and choose “Delete”.


Step 7

After you are done with these steps; continue with reinstalling the programs again.

Java 6 Update 1 (required):

360Share Pro:

**Check at the bottom left corner of 360Share Pro. If everything is perfectly configured, then it should say <Turbo Charged>.

***If you do not see these status bars, please go here to fix it. ->

And then you're done!


Technical Support Team


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